Meet my new scented orchids – Miltonidium Renaissance and Zygopetalum Trozy Blue


It’s official – I’m an Orchid addict!

Literally 1 day after Patrick’s mum got me the beautiful Phals from the previous post I went shopping and somehow came back home with 2 new orchids πŸ™ˆ

I know, I know. I said I shouldn’t be buying any more new orchids for the time being.

But they were super cheap and seriously… you just can’t find these at every trip to the supermarket. You barely see anything else but Phalaenopsis and since I my Phal Liodoro ‘Sweet memory’ bloomed for the first time I just knew I need some more scented orchids in my life ☺️

So without further delay, let me introduce these 2 beauties:

Miltonidium Renaissance

This beauty was the reason why this post took so long. I just couldn’t find an ID for it. As it came with Inca label I checked their website first, where I quickly identified Zygo, but couldn’t find one which looked exactly like this.

I also posted pictures on orchids groups and asked some youtubers for help in identifying it and although their help got me somehow closer to finding the answer, eventually I found out that it is a relatively new variety, hence why the ‘struggle’ πŸ˜‰

Eventually I found a picture of an orchid on different website and it was labelled as Orchid Le Boudoir. I sent and email with an enquiry and a nice lady Carolien explained that they give their orchids fancy name on their website, but the correct ID for my orchid is as above – Miltonidium Renaissance.

It might have taken long to find a proper ID for it, but I believe it is crucial to do the homework, as now I’m able to find more tips on how to care for my new orchid.

Apart from it’s flowers standing out in my Phalaenopsis dominated apartment, this orchid smells like a hyacinth and for a sensitive nose like mine its scent fills the room pretty much all day long. Although if you ask Patrick he can’t smell anything πŸ˜‰

Upon closer inspection I found a snail shell in its pot, so I decided to risk and repot both of them the very same day.

It had quite a few skinny roots:

Most of them unfortunately were munched or rotten, so after I finished cleaning it, there were maybe 2 still alive, which I sprayed with hydrogen peroxide 3% to make sure the snail eggs won’t survive. I potted it in slightly smaller container with tiny clay pebbles and a small addition of sphagnum moss at the top to hopefully encourage some new roots production.

I can’t really tell how is it doing at this very moment, as I’ve not been at home the past few days, but 8 days after repotting it was still happily flowering, next to my Oncidessa Sweet Sugar:

That’s more than I can tell about the second one of them πŸ˜”

Zygopetalum Trozy Blue

As soon as Patrick saw these unusual flowers he announced that this is now his favourite! It’s clearly not the luckiest year for my Harlequin Phal Agnieszka. Not only she got sunburned and found out she’s no longer the only Harlequin in my collection, now she has also been dethroned, as this was Patt’s favourite until now.

After I removed my new Zygo from its pot it turned out it had a massive and healthy root system:

Of course after noticing the snails in the other pot I rushed into repotting without reading more about it. Later I found out that Zygo’s roots are very fragile and I managed to damage quite a few of them indeed. It was one of the longest repotting sessions this far, as the media was super difficult to detach from the roots.

The new home for it is a pot of the same size as the one it came with and also a mixture of clay pebbles and sphagnum moss. I know some people will not agree with mixing these two, but in my head it all makes sense πŸ˜‚

Most of my orchids are now converted to semi-hydroponics, which should only consist of an inorganic media like clay pebbles. Some of them however are slightly ‘customised’. Contrary to the original design I don’t keep a reservoir of water for all of them at all times. I let my most of my phals dry out a bit after their watering day and some of the pots (like these 2 new additions) get a bit of sphagnum moss mixed in. My mini phal for example grew 6 juicy green new roots in this mixture, so I experiment with it every now and then πŸ˜‰

Back to my Zygopetalum though… Unlike the first of the new orchids, which wasn’t bothered by repotting at all, this poor thing lost flower after flower and just before I left to Poland it was left with flowerless spike and 2 yellow leaves.

What can I say? Patt was rather disappointed and I’m a tiny bit sad as well. I forgot to mention that it has a heavenly sweet scent too!

Nethertheless I still have my gorgeously scented Miltonidium and I can only keep my fingers crossed that Zygo will get used to his new home and eventually will reward me with some new growth and blooms ☺️

PS. The beautiful Phalaenopsis I bought for my dad has multiplied even more 😳 More updates soon!


Orchid abundance day!


Ohh my! I’m just overflowing with gratitude today 😍

So yesterday I went shopping to Hoogvliet and these 2 beauties have stolen my heart:

Technically speaking I should not buy anymore orchids for myself at this time, but hey – what’s stopping me for getting a beautiful orchid as a belated birthday gift for my dad, as it just happens that I go to Poland next week?

So I stopped by the flower division for good 10 minutes pondering which one to buy. First one would be my first choice as I’ve never seen one like this, but on the second one the flowers are so huge! Dad would absolutely love them.

I inspected the roots and as the 1st one had a few dodgy ones, I decided to buy the 2nd one for my dad. After all, I want him to enjoy the plant for years to come, so getting the healthy one is my main objective.

So here she is… An piece of awesomeness created by combined effort of nature and people:

But behold! That’s not where the story ends.

This morning I woke up with a stomach ache, took a bunch of painkillers and soon after this I got slightly disappointing news. Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to get more upset and let it ruin my day. Instead I looked at the beautiful flower I bought for my dad, imagined how happy he will be to have it and thought to myself that I should rather continue doing small good things for others and the goodness always eventually comes back.

Oh my! This time it came back multiplied!

Maybe an hour later Patrick’s mum whatsapped me with the pictures of exact same orchids I’ve been pondering to buy yesterday! I was rather shocked by the inconspicuous fact that she actually spotted the same ones I did and thought of me. Even more so… 10 minutes later she arrived at our doorstep with not 1, but 2 beautiful orchids for me! I was blown away and hugged her every 2 minutes saying how happy and grateful I am and that she actually made my day.

So I’m laying on my sofa with these 3 beauties in my view:

I know, I know… I already have the middle one. It’s another Agnieszka ☺️ However, I have repotted Agnieszka into semi hydro last month and soon after it I left it out on the balcony, where I gathered she will have a better conditions to recover after repotting. It’s nice and warm there and air circulation much better than in the house. Instead she got even more stressed, as June’s sun burned it’s beautiful big leaf. I tried to keep it more shaded over the next few days, but she only seemed to deteriorate and she’s about to loose 2 leaves πŸ˜’

So she’s now back indoors and I’m hoping she can still recover. The silver lining here is that if she won’t I already have a replacement, as I love the spotted harlequin-type orchids and I didn’t like the thought of not having one. If however she will recover I might consider planting both of them in arrangement and when both of them bloom at the same time it will be a truly spectacular view 🀩

PS. Another hour later my old boss phoned me back to say he’ll check if there will be a spot for me for the end of August in the company I worked at last year. All in all I think it’s an awesome start of the day ☺️

Home, sweet home


Last month for the first time since I moved to Netherlands, Patrick came with me for a trip… back home.

Who would have thought that I will be calling England my home? Even though I was born and spent 23 years of my life in Poland, I call England my home? Well… it’s not quite so drastic. I guess when I go back to Poland I also feel at home. I also think that 12 years of my life spent in England were quite significant. I guess being in Netherlands also feels so much not like home, that going back to England puts things into perspective. After all, my house, garden, car, friends and salsa family are all in England. My work life is also there. Driving on the left side of the road is my default. Even though I learnt to drive and passed my driving test in Poland, where we drive on the right side, but 1 or 2 years of driving there, can not compare to 12 years of daily, often over hour long commute and countless salsa trips in England.

Surroundings are familiar, shops sell things I want to buy and are open even at night, which is my favourite, traffic-free time of shopping. There are friends waiting for my visit in whichever direction I wish to drive and salsa parties full of friendly faces (both female and male) and of course good music.

Having Patrick with me was rather special. He had a chance to meet and spend time with my friends and enjoy abundance of good parties and attention πŸ˜‰ Needless to say we had quite a trip!

It started from 5 star salsa congress in London. Exactly the same one where we’ve met 2 years before. We arrived on Thursday, so we had time to do some shopping for the weekend and visit my house. Yes, strangely I wasn’t sleeping at my house this time round, as my friend is currently occupying my living room, where I usually stay during my visits in England.

5 star… ahh… so good to be back. So many friendly faces, so many awesome dances, so many funny moments and… so much attention for Patrick πŸ˜‚ All my friends are super-curious about the man who stole my heart and stole me from them. Ladies were queueing to be introduced and/or taste his skills on the dance floor. Guys surprisingly also wanted to be around this cool guy who smokes with the stars πŸ˜‚ Even after his short visits during the year of our long distance relationship, he already gained some female and male fans back in England. I guess now he has doubled or tripled the amount. Needless to say, we had an eventful weekend at 5 star and on Monday, totally exhausted we drove back to Southampton.

My good friend Nunzia was kind enough to let us stay for a week in her beautiful house. Added bonus – we got to enjoy a dinner she prepared for us and meet her new boyfriend. In return (or rather for my own pleasure) I looked after quite a few of her orchids, as due to her super-hectic schedule she was barely at home during the week we spent at her house.

These are the most recent purchases of hers:

Quite a few of nice varieties of not so common orchids here, including fussy Miltoniopsis. Not something you can usually find at your grocery store for sure (except 2 purple/white Phalaenopsis). I guess all orchid lovers, even the just starting ones already have or seen these for sale. Unfortunately the only label they had was ‘cambria orchid’ which is a commercial name for a group of orchids, but doesn’t really give you a proper identification for each one of them.

Still… I would rather make an effort to ID my orchids and pay Β£5 instead of buying one at the garden centre where the price with the ID would be probably Β£15 and up. Sure, the plants found at the garden centre are most likely in better health, but let’s face it – anything other than Phalaenopsis I don’t really have any experience with care, so starting with a cheaper ones is at the moment a better option for me. With this in mind I went to the shop where Nunzia found these cuties, but unfortunately they had no orchids at that time. Ohh well… maybe another time.

I also found pictures of 2 of her older Phals, which always amaze me with an abundance of flowers. The purple one of course was still in bloom during our visit. Is seems to never stop flowering!

After fun, but exhausting weekend of salsa congress, we’ve been recovering and dealing with my house related things like repairing fence, some shopping and gardening and I also had a chance of meeting my house cleaner – nice Polish girl Kasia.

As the next weekend was approaching, so our schedule become more hectic. On Friday I made a trip to Ikea in search of some new, hopefully unusual orchids, like the Nelly Isler which I found there in February, but yet again it turned out no to be my time. I couldn’t leave with empty hands though, so I treated myself to 2 mini Phalaenopsis, 1 of which I was planning to give to Tina. Not sure how I managed not to take a picture of both of them together, but I guess I’ll have to take one of Tina’s upon my next visit.

Here are a few snaps of the one which stayed with me though:

Surprisingly it has a very faint flowery fragrance to it. Quite unusual for Phalaenopsis hybrids. The pictures are also taken after the holiday and ’emergency’ repotting. I know… I should probably wait until the flowers drop, but as it’s Phals growing season and the root system looked rather poorly, I decided to get on with it as soon as I got back to Netherworlds. Luckily for me, not even 1 flower dropped after the transition to semi-hydro.

Friday was rather busy. After shopping we went to Winchester to visit Steve and Ramona, which literally just finished upgrading their new house. P really liked them both and it would be super nice to spend more time with them, however I’ve already made arrangements to visit my brother, so after rather short visit we continued our road trip to Oxford.

Surprise, surprise! My bro’s gf Kasia, is also an orchid lover. I don’t think I took any pictures of her plants this time round, but I’ll make sure to introduce her beauties here upon my next visit in the fall, when I will also be helping her with repotting. This time round I had to of course ‘inspect’ all of them and give a few growing tips. One could think I’m a not-so-local orchid adviser for all my orchid loving friends and family πŸ˜‰

As usual, we had great laugh with my brother and his family and their daughter Kaja even started talking to Patrick in English after she could get no more attention from me πŸ˜‚

Of course we couldn’t miss out on catching up with Tina during our uk trip. After all she’s kinda our cupid πŸ˜‰ She was the one believing from the start that Patrick and I are made for each other, while I was doubting any continuation. She couldn’t attend 5 star this year and unfortunately a full on visit was not ideal, as P is allergic to cats and Tinny has quite a few of them. So we decided to pick her up on our way to Alchemy Social on Saturday.

Of course she was in love with her new, purple mini ‘baby’ as she called her gift. And of course not a minute is boring when Tina is around.

Alchemy Social also never disappoints. We had an awesome time with my Alchemy family and tons of great dancers from near and far plus added bonus of superb Alchemy music. Patrick probably got more female attention during 10 days spent in uk than he usually gets in a year’s worth of parties back in Netherlands. Let’s face it – besides the fact that my friends were curious about him, English people in general are much more open and friendly and therefore even the ladies I didn’t know before Saturday were queueing up for him. I think from now on it’ll be easier to convince him to join me on my uk trips ☺️

Needless to say, we didn’t really look forward to our road trip back ‘home’ on Sunday. We were rather grumpy and of course we had to hit some bad traffic which extended our journey by almost 2 hours.

Ehh… Bye bye home. Till next time…

3 years after…


As I refreshed the idea of going back to blogging, I dug up my old blog, which I created as a part of assignment during my participation in 2014 MKMMA program.

Wow! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years since I completed (or shall I say started) my hero’s journey. I started from updating myΒ About me page to briefly reflect some of the changes.

I must say that reading some of my old posts brought back some of the excitement and urge for productivity I felt back then. It also made me ponder about how the participation in the program affected my life. Without the shadow of a doubt I can say the changes are nothing but positive.

First of all, I do not spend my days at work anymore. Well… There are some vague plans of returning to uk and to work, but truly temporary, for a maximum of 4 months. That’s mainly to build up some savings and possibly make some investments into my house in England. I’d say that’s a big progress already from where I was 3 years ago.

Second (but not less important) I have found my true love! No kidding πŸ˜‚ Not that it was a priority back in 2015, but somehow the longing for a real connection developed stronger later and… it still caught me by surprise when I found it! More so, I actually found him on the dance floor at MamboCity 5 star salsa congress, so yes, he’s also a salsa dancer 😍 Not only he ticks all the boxes, but some that I haven’t even imagined he could! No wonder I left my uk life behind and moved to live with him in Netherlands.

Thirdly, I actually have all the time in the word to do what I have always wanted to do and… Yes, surprisingly I don’t do much with it 😏 I guess going back to blogging has an underlying goal of starting to do some of the things I dreamt of doing. I guess I’m hoping, that pouring my soul publicly, here, on my blog will give me the kick to do more than just playing games most of the day.

Thinking about what I want to do with my life, I thought I would spend my days dancing and exercising more, meditating more, writing more, growing beautiful flowers in my house and garden… Ups! I have left my garden in uk and now I have 2 balconies and a very limited indoor space for my orchids and other house plants. I guess from the list above, this actually stays true. I do spend lots of my time caring, learning about and experimenting with my orchids. Effects are various πŸ˜‚ One could say my orchids used to grow better when I cared less for them. Or that the new home doesn’t suit them as much as my beloved house in uk. Or… maybe they’re still in the adjustment period after the move. Well, the result is, that although some of my Phalaenopsis’s have re-bloomed in the new house, they have a maximum of 3 flowers.

Like this beauty here. I absolutely love the spotty patterns, which are completely random from 1 flower to another. I got it from my beloved Polish friend and I often refer to it as Agnieszka, which is my friend’s name. It will be 2 years in July, since I received it and behold this is the 3rd time (including initial bloom) it is in bloom ❀️ Ok… this is actually a secondary spike from the second bloom. The primary spike also had maybe 3-4 flowers.

The first bloom however, was much more impressive:

The spike was long enough to train it along the arch and it had at least 8 beautiful, massive flowers. That’s how it arrived to me and although I know they have much more knowledge and resources to achieve this effect in the nurseries, I do hope to achieve a similar effect in the future.

So here it is. I was wondering in which direction will this blog take me and the answer became clear almost from the start. It will be my orchid diary ☺️ I always liked looking back at the pictures of my plants from years ago and turns out here is actually the perfect spot to document my plants journey.

Week 24 Commencement

A bit late to write about commencement week, which was a week ago, but I just had to share…
A lot of people were affraid of this journey comming to an end. I can’t say I was one of them. Sentiment – yes, but not worry. I knew this wasn’t going to be an end. We all have come to far to go back to our old lifes. We all have new blueprint build inside us and there is no way back. Who would possibly all of the sudden stopped all the readings, sit, gratitude cards, masterminding after 6 months of drilling these tiny habits into our lifes? Well… Definitely not me πŸ˜€ I love all the positive changes in my life which are results of these tiny habbits. And as we finished our last (was it 4 hrs?!), extremely positive and uplifting webinar, with lots of inspiring stories from those who shared, our journey has not finished… It has trully started! We have been introduced to continuation option (lifetime membership) and invited to join the team as guides. Sadly I don’t think I can make such a time commitement to seriously consider becoming a guide, but lifetime membership is not a question. Who wouldnt want to discover lost chapters of MKS and continue to be a part of this wonderful mastermind alliance? I definitely do.

What can I say… With every day and every week I realize more and more that I am an architect of my own life. The seeds I’ve planted in the freshly raked soil of my fertile subconscious mind are showing first leafs and some flowers πŸ˜€ New opporunities are appearing in my life one after another and soon it will be the time to harvest the crops…

Today, I begin a new life…
I must confess… I jumped out of bed, shouting ‘Thank you’ this morning! And carried on downstairs singing how greatfull I am to wake up and see the sunshine 😊
I’ve always been a bit crazy, but things like that didn’t quite happen in my life before I joined MKMMA!

Week 23 Harmony

Last week, comparing to weeks before seemed rather quiet.
Thats been said… I think the better way to describe it is harmonious.
Yes. Last week and weekend and Monday drive to work was just harmonious. Things just get done so nice and smooth, that none of it really stands out for me. But the reality is, that in this harmony, bits of my DMP continuosly manifest themself. Like my lounge which weekend by weekend takes the shape of the one from my dream or actually looks better than in my dream 😊 And the people who appear to help me with getting it done. I mean… What are the odds, when you pick up the phone number from random website in uk, that the person who appears to repair your boiler turns out to be polish (like me) and tells you whats wrong with the boiler, what part to get and how to change it and doesn’t take any money for it? Well… I don’t believe in coincidents anymore. Miracles on the other side are all around us πŸ’•
I must say… It was probably the first week when I actually read MKS every day. Usually one odd day during the week my read and sit just doesnt happen for various reasons. I guess I just really enjoyed reading part 24 and also want to finish strong 😊
Another thing… I mentioned I havent been late to work for over a month now. See on Monday, I left home nearly 10 mins later than usual. I thought to myself I might actually end up late today. Somehow I didnt get that rush of emotions of stress when I realize I might be late. I just thought… well, I’m leaving later than usual, but I can’t change anything now, so I will just get there when I get there. Driving to work and getting slightly stuck in usual place I remembered the quote I saw on fb the other day

So I carried on listening to my recordings and looking at the cars around me thinking ‘We are all one. I hope we can all make it’. No stress, no nervous looks at the clock, just harmony. When I actually looked at the clock, I shouted to myself ‘WOW!’ I will be way before time again! How on earth did that happen?!
Of course I know how. We all in MKMMA do know and understand by now that we are creators of our own destiny and that feelings give vitality to our thoughts. I guess I must have felt loving, harmonius and happy during my drive to work as this is what I manifested πŸ’•

Week 22a Manifestation time

This week I continue on high πŸ˜€
Self directed? Kind of… You don’t really have to direct youself any longer after drilling the habits for 5 months. Things just get done, it’s like brushing your teeth in the morning and changing to your pj’s when you go to bed – some things just have to be done. So it is with reading DMP, TGS, sit, MKS… Well… I must say I skipped reading MKS on Monday and Tuesday. With so much going on in the first 2 days of the week, I thought listening to ‘Science of getting rich’ before my sit will be just as beneficial as reading earlier parts of MKS. Going back to MKS part 7 on Wednesday was like a pure bliss 😊I really enjoyed my reading and sit.

Did I mention this week I’m on high again? Well… It’s important… Cause I havent had a bad or grumpy days for a long time and considering that today is the first day of my periods – thats a miracle! I think tools for expanding really did the trick for me. As soon as I feel iritated by sth or someone I get like an alarm ringing in my head ‘I’m feeling different – quick – define the feeling and use it for your advantage’. So when I got slightly upset by my friend on Monday, instead of rewinding the tape of upsetting conversation I thought ‘Right – you’re getting angry, thats extra energy for you DMP manifestation’ and started looking at my shapes, while mentally repeating affirmations. Soon after this my friend appeared by my desk apologising, as he didnt mean what I thought he did. I thought ‘Brilliant, this stuff really works… Who’s next to upset me?’ πŸ˜€
For the rest of the day, whenever I caught unwanted thought in my mind, I visualised myself walking on the shopfloor in my new blue suit jacket after I got changed to go to Apprentice award evening tomorrow. After work I went shopping and although the exact jacked from my visualisation was not avaliable in my size, I managed to find a good replacement in the same colour and gave it an extra life by lime yellow top under and killer hills 😊
While shopping and trying the outfits later I think I got even further confidence about the fact that I AM A CREATOR. I really create my own reality and the clearer the picture, the more sure the effect of my visualisation…
This day left me tired from emotions… But it was not the end of it… I was imagining my crash’es name on the screen of my phone so many times today, that late at night I finally saw it for real! Well… I rest my case 😍

On Tuesday I was a bit stressed before the evening. I recognised the feeling as ‘fear’ and knew it gives me focus and concentration and my senses are extra sensitive. I decided to give this concentration to work, but the things I observed slightly freaked me out. The person I would think about would appaer next to me, the 13th gear I was checking and thought it was unlucky, I nearly dropped on the floor and at some point I had to mentally shout at myself and direct my mind to visualize nice things or repeat affirmations… The effect? My crash appeared on my way time and time again, guys at work would get overly excited seeing me walking after I got changed for the evening, nice msg from my friend and succesful evening at the college, where one of our apprentices won an award and I’ve met many people who seemed to know me and appreciate my work, even though I didnt know them! Ok… It’s not literally part of my DMP, but it’s all recognition for creative expression, right? πŸ˜€
On Wednesday I got up half an hour earlier than usual – that’s mental. Im the one who presses ‘snooze’ time and time again until last minute, just to have a bit extra sleep. Looking at my timesheets at work I was more than impressed. I was late by a minute once during last month (used to be 3 times a week by more than a minute) and all the other days I’m way before time. ‘I am ALWAYS on time’ affirmation seems to find its way to my subby.
The day at work obviously was amazing. With the highlights of the day being – seeing my crash staring at me when I turned my head up while thinking of him πŸ’• and my friend from the night shift asking what has changed in me in the last months, as he doesn’t recognize me!
My mind is blown away day after day. Things are happening. Miracles all around us.
All of it is nothing however to what happened today. One of my apprentices came round for a chat. We talked about some not important stuff and just as I thought he was about to leave he said ‘Ohh… You know that meditation thing you told me about? I tried it! And I’m so happy I did… This stuff is amazing! And its nothing like what I thought it should look like!’.
I was like ‘OMG!’. I didnt even remember telling him about it. ‘Affecting everyone I meet by my positivity’ is a sentence from my DMP. God! I’m doing it without even knowing about it. This boy is only 18 years old and the one you would never say the stuff like meditation would interest him… Loud music, agressive gestures, bikes – that’s the picture you’ll get when looking at him or talking to him without an insight. And this kid has found his way to meditation through chats with me… I’m blown away. He doesn’t realize what this ‘stuff’ will do for him in the long term. What a divine favour his giving himself by trying this ‘stuff’. I was sat by my measuring machine for some time after he left, trying to digest it… I am a creator… I am an inspiration… I am God’s greatest miracle… And so is everything around me…


Week 22 Silence

I must say… Things happening in my life recently leave me in awe. I look around and it really dawns on me that I am a creator! I create my own reality and its both exhillarating and scary.
In the past 5 months I have learned so much, created so many good habits, became so much more of an observer (not fully yet – still throwing my opinion here and there) and things I see in myself, in my life, in other people, in their lifes… Gosh, there is so much going on and linking the experiences to the knowledge I have been gaining at hight speed over these past 5 months is just soo freeing and… FUN πŸ™‚

This week’s assignment… Silence… I couldnt wait to start. Seriously. I love spending time in my own company. I might have procratinated with other assignments (movie poster took me months!) but this one I was so excited to start. Not a chance of doing it during working week though, so I had to wait till the weekend. Initial plan was 3 days – Sat, Sun and book Monday off as well. By the time weekend arrived I was left with 1.5 days and even this was in danger!
Seriously… Can’t you just plan some ‘me’ time and have it? Nahh… My ex-hubby decided it was good time to start to decorate my lounge (God bless him for that – I am really greatful for all his help) so we need to do some shopping this weekend. Then it turned out there is red-hot urgent job to do on Sunday and one person after another came to ask me to change my mind about the weekend. Last one nearly begged – seriously – I can send away shouters and demanders, but I can’t bear it when people kindly ask for a favour.
I thought… Well 1.5 days is not quite like 3 days, but it will be surely somehow helpfull I guess. For the second time I realized Trish was my kind of spirit – I wouldn’t mind going to my cave as often as possible, so surely will do it again soon.
But thats not the end of it… While driving home an emergency light show up on my dashboard. ‘What? Really? I’ve just changed 3 tyres. How lucky to get a puncture now?!’. One thing worse that buying another tyre was that it was going to spoil what’s left of my initial 3 days of planned silence time if I was going to sort it out before driving to work on Sunday. I couldn’t believe it!

Luckily for me when I got to the shop’s car park after ‘inspecting’ (read: kicking) all the tyres they all seem to be fine, so I decided to ignore the light at the dashboard, keep an eye on the tyres during Saturday and act if necessary and… Enjoy my silence 😊

I was in the middle of the text exchange with my crash when I got home, but I had no choice but to keep my own promises and turn off the phone. First minutes were weird. I mean its not a big deal to turn off your phone, right? I often go for long hours without looking at it or even knowing where it is. But there was no wi-fi neither. Nor the laptop. All of the sudden I felt bored and sleepy. I looked around the kitchen for the ideas of what to do and my eyes met my new beautiful orchid. It turned out that it was my best silent mate for my silent days. I could just sit or stand in front of it, staring and admiring it’s beauty.
The following day the weather was ambsolutely amazing. First suitable day for proper work in the garden this year and I used it totally. I spent over 6 hours tidying up the winter mess and planting new flowers 😊 It was pure bliss. No other person is needed when I’m deep in my garden work. Just me and nature πŸ’•
I also managed to cook a dinner and have a second night in a row of being early in bed.
I was actually hoping I will jump out of bed much earlier than planned to go to work on Sunday, but my blissful day in the garden reminded me of itself when I tried to move my hand to press snooze… My whole body was aching, but hey… I enjoyed it. It might sound weird to some people, but I love the feeling of painful muscles… I know I’ve done some good work 😍
Once I got up, getting ready to work went super-quick and just before I left home I had a really unusal experience. Before I left the kitchen I looked at my beautiful orchid again and in my mind I said ‘You are such and exeptionally beautiful God’s creature’. And as I walked to the door I felt like I’ve just been talking to myself in the mirror… Really weird and awesome feeling.


From my silent day and a half I realized just how much more productive I am without all the distractions. Very impressive… And I know I want to go to the silence again very soon and for longer 😍

Ohhh… The decision to ignore my car’s emergency light and drive to work was totally right. I kind of got it through my sit – just the knowing feeling that its nothing serious and I can leave it to sort it out later. When I went to the tyre place where they fitted new tyres a week earlier, nice men told me, that because I changed 3 tyres, the 4th one is smaller so my car thinks I’ve got a puncture. He calibrated it and turned off emergency light – easy 😊 So glad I decided to proceed with my planned silence time 😊

Week 21 Enthusiasm

This week the virtue I’m looking for is enthusiasm and God… Did I find plenty of it! Seriously… Its everywhere – in my co-workers, in animals, in my friends and actually I have been told on a few occasions that I seem to be filled with enthusiasm! Thats pretty amazing 😊

Tonight I had the second night in a row of awesome dancing! I just feel so happy and alive and enthusiastic when I dance… Funny – dropping down from 5-6 nights of dancing a week to 1-2 haven’t deteriated my dancing – quite oposite – every time I go out I feel soo connected to the music. Just switching off my thinking completely and letting my partner and the music lead me… Its just the most amazing feeling in the world!

Going back to reality… Today I had a perfect reason to get upset and angry. And I did for a little while. I must say… It made me feel confused. Its like this kind of emotion no longer is part of me and comes in as a very unwelcomed guest. Its just not my style anymore. After about 10 mins of wondering why people are so naughty I just said to myself ‘well… I wont let it upset me for much longer… Move on with your work’. And guess what… The rest of the day and night was just amazing… Just let go and let God is my fav saying recently 😊

Ohhh… Miracles… Aren’t they just everywhere? Driving to salsa last night, my friend Helen said to me: ‘Oh.. Btw… Thank you for reminding me about miracles. I saw tons of snowdrops after you mentioned that’ And I’m like ‘really? When did I say that?’. It turned out I told her this just before I listened to webinar about miracles last Sunday… They ARE just everywhere πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•